10 Times Pia Wurtzbach Declared Her Love for Food

Do you love Jollibee as much as this food-loving beauty queen?

IMAGE courtesy of the official Miss Universe YouTube channel

Here's a fun fact about Filipina Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach: she was a culinary school graduate! It's no wonder she can cook up Filipino favorites with such ease. Is there anything she can't do? Here are ten moments that prove how Pia Wurtzbach is just as food-obsessed as you are. 


1  When she made lumpia over “chismis” with Buzzfeed Philippines’ editor, Matt Ortile.



2  When she shared a detailed recipe and video tutorial on how to actually make lumpia!



3  And empanadas, too. 


4   Yes, Pia. Pizza is always a good idea.


5  When she hashtagged #sadtimes over her almost-empty plate of food. 


6  When she drove through a Jollibee branch in Queens, New York, and refused to talk until she was done eating her two Jolly Hotdogs.


7  …and whispered “wait for me” to her Chickenjoy while she downed her Jolly Spaghetti, post-Jolly Hotdog.


8  When she made guacho de mariscos, a seafood and mushroom dish, in Panama. Look at those flames!


9  When she helped cook meals for New Yorkers who were too sick to shop or cook for themselves over the holidays.


10  And finally, when Pia showed us the ultimate breakfast #goals: a Filipino breakfast with tocino, eggs, tomatoes, pandesal, and coffee. 



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Screencap taken from the official Miss Universe YouTube channel

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