Relive Your College Days: These 10 University-Famous Eating Spots Deliver

Back when you had a smaller budget and a faster metabolism.

Our college days just wouldn't be the same without the many tasty eats you can find in and around the campus. They've helped us power through the countless days and nights of studying for exams, cramming papers, and finishing endless presentations with their comforting (and often, affordable) fare. There's absolutely no reason you can't enjoy them again now, especially as many of them offer their specialties for delivery around the Metro. Relive your student days through these Big Four university-famous establishments that let you get their food delivered straight to your doorstep.

Hit up these places for eats that'll take you back to your student days:

Photo by Ate Rica's Bacsilog

Ate Rica's Bacsilog

Known for their Bacsilog (a savory-sweet bacon rice bowl topped with an egg and a creamy cheese sauce that you can get for just P84), this La Sallian favorite has branches all over Manila, so you can get your fix wherever you are in the Metro. Simply find them on GrabFood, Foodpanda, or LalaFood.

How to order: find Ate Rica's Bacsilog on GrabFood, Foodpanda, or LalaFood.

Photo by ArkiVickie
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ArkiVickie is a stall located near the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman's College of Architecture building. They are known for their affordable eats that have fueled many an architecture student as they slave away plate after plate. Now, you can feast on their PanTea (P100)-that stands for "pandan tea"-and Quail Egg Siomai (P150/tub of 10, P400/pack of 30) at home.

How to order: Send a message to ArkiVickie's Facebook page.

Photo by Mang Tootz Foodhouse

Mang Tootz

This Thomasian hangout is famed for their signature Banana-Rhuma (P75/15 pieces, P100/20 pieces) and other home-style savory eats. You can order these crunchy, bite-sized turon by dialing 0917-624-6288 and pay via BDO or BPI bank deposit, or use your courier of choice's purchase service for cash on delivery. Orders are to be picked up from their Sampaloc, Manila outpost.

How to order: Contact (0917) 624-6288 or check out Mang Tootz Foodhouse's Facebook page.

Photo by Ken Afford Food Delivery Service

Ken Afford

Ken Afford is a favorite among Ateneans for their simple but stellar home-style eats that could totally pass for Mom's cooking. You'll be happy to know you can get their Pork Sisig with Egg a la Domeng (P150), Chicken Lollipops (P95), Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (P120), and other dishes delivered. They'll taste just like college!

How to order: Send a message to Ken Afford Food Delivery Service's Facebook page.

Photo by Mang Nestor Delivery

Mang Nestor

Mang Nestor is a go-to among UP Diliman's Fine Arts students for his plump and affordable Siomai (P100/dozen). Mang Nestor offers this dim sum favorite, along with other savory eats like Lumpiang Shanghai (P100/15 pieces) and sweet endings like Yema Cake (P120) and Banana Cake (P180) for delivery.

How to order: Contact Maribel de Leon at (0961) 075-5810 or check out Mang Nestor Delivery's Facebook page. You'll have to book your own courier to pick it up from their station in UP Diliman. There's a minimum amount of P200 for delivery and you can pay via GCash, or using your courier's purchase service.


Grilling 101

For flavorful sisig, juicy sticks of barbecue, and other meaty dishes, look no further than Atenean cafeteria favorite Grilling 101. You can order their Liempo (P200), Sisig (P150), and Barbecue (P200/eight pieces) from the meat spot's resident "grill man," Ryle Matt Ayco.

How to order: Contact (0910) 971-3207 or send Ryle Matt Ayco a message on Facebook.

Photo by Cow Wow Sausage Haus

Cow Wow Sausage Haus

Located along P. Noval Street near the University of Santo Tomas, Cow Wow Sausage Haus specializes in affordable meals featuring different kinds of sausages, which you can order frozen packs of for cooking at home. Choose from their Cheesy German Sausage (P175/pack of four), Hungarian Sausage (P175/pack of five), Schublig (P175/pack of four), Beef Bangers (P175/pack of four), and more.

How to order: Contact Christie Uy Lim at (0922) 888-0362 or (0917) 881-0362. For more information, send a message to Cow Wow Sausage Haus on Facebook.

Photo by Tori Box

Tori Box

Love chicken? You'll want to check out this Lasallian favorite known for their Japanese-inspired chicken dishes, most notably the crunchy Kara-age Pop (P150), seasoned boneless crispy chicken bits that are way too easy to pop in your mouth one after another, and the Kare Tori Katsu (P175), or breaded chicken cutlets with curry sauce and rice.

How to order: You can find Tori Box on Foodpanda.

Photo by Gubat


Gubat is located within UP Diliman's Diliman Bonsai Society, and more than the lush, greenery-filled view this small eatery provides, they're also known for their homey Filipino comfort eats served on banana leaves. Their menu changes frequently; you'll want to check their Facebook page for the latest offerings, but some of the dishes they've offered are the Lechon Kawali (P190), Tapa (P155), and Piniritong Isda (P185) rice meals. They deliver to the Katipunan, Krus na Ligas, Sikatuna, Teachers Village, UP Village, and UP Diliman campus areas with the help of displaced tricycle drivers. Those outside the aforementioned areas can still order by booking their own courier.

How to order: Send a message through text or Viber to (0966) 627-1522. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Photo by Chubby Chicken

Chubby Chicken

Ateneans and other Katipunan students love Chubby Chicken for their budget-friendly, tasty chicken meals. Order their signature Chubby Chicken (P87/one piece, P95/one piece with rice, P127/two pieces, P135/two pieces with rice), Chicken Parmigiana (P185), Chubby Tacos (P95/one piece, P140/two pieces), and more by sending them a message on Facebook, or by finding them on Foodpanda.

How to order: Send a message to Chubby Chicken on Facebook or find Chubby Chicken on Foodpanda.

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