11 Cute Lunchboxes to Get You Excited About Baon

Packed lunch has never looked this good!


Pack your kids baon (and yours!) in these cute meal boxes and bags and make packed meals more fun and exciting:


1 Art of Lunch neoprene lunch bag series


We love how functional these lunchboxes are: the neoprene fabric both insulates food well and is able to stretch out to fit different sizes of containers. This lunchbox line also houses illustrations from several artists that make stunning designs. 


2 Unicorn lunch bag


Make lunchtime fun with this adorable lunchbox. Any child (or adult who loves unicorns!) is bound to have fun toting munchies with this cute bag. Remember to use the top clip to latch this onto any backpack. 


3 Brown Paper Bag by Quirks


Brown-bagging can be cool: this bag recreates the traditional brown bag with a  version that keeps your food warm. 



4 Tiffin lunch kit


Soup, rice, chicken, and fruit? Keep each component of your meal spill-free and stack them up to make a practical and transport-friendly lunchbox. 


5 Oh Joy! Tiffin box


This colorful lunch box makes us feel cheerful about office lunch break!



6  Kingswood Rose kids' lunch bag


Practical and pretty, this bag also has a handy adjustable strap.



 7 Hedgehog lunch sack


The handle strap on this one makes for a sturdy lunch sack. Use the name tag on the bag to avoid any mix-ups in school! 



8 Stöh insulated lunch tote


The gartered components on the inside of this lunch tote keep everything in place and minimize your chances of spillage. 



9 Superman storage tin lunchbox


Nothing makes a meal more fun than a playfully-designed lunch tin box.


10 Robot lunch box


This sturdy lunch box will keep anything from sandwiches to sliced fruits well-kept and cozy inside the walls of this cute robot.



11 I am a To-Go box


Place your dinner leftovers straight into this re-usable silicone Chinese take-out box, and take it with you the next time you need a packed meal.




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Research by Julia Sy | Collage by Kristina Catap

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