3 Cafes to Go to If You Want to Shop and Eat at the Same Time

Shopping + eating? Count us in!

First of all: yes, these places exist. Second, isn't it great that there are people who understand that shopping makes you very, very hungry? Celebrate the beauty of these restaurant-shopping outlet hybrids and plan your next hunger-induced shopping spree around these cafes. You can't miss them! 


1  Tenant

On top of the coffee, tea, cocktails, beer, and grilled sandwiches that they serve on the first floor, find a curated selection of fasionable items that promote a laid-back surf and beach culture on the second. You can rent out the space for events and parties, too!  


Tenant is located at 9639 Kamagong St., Makati City. 


2 Empire Fashion Cafe

Locally-made items fill the shelves of this shop, while their bar serves tall, sweet milkshakes and delicious bar chow! Need to recover from an afternoon of shopping? You can order a cup of coffee, too.


Empire Fashion Cafe is located at 143 Maginhawa St., Quezon City. 


3 Satchmi 

Every nook and cranny of Satchmi is stocked with Vinyl records and other vintage finds. Excellent coffee and food make it difficult to leave this space! 


Satchmi is located at 4/F SM Mega Fashion Hall. 


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