3 Steps to an Instant Party

Impromptu parties don't have to be stressful.




We just know it: impromptu parties will be part and parcel of your holiday calendar. Make sure you’re stress-free by knowing the essentials on throwing an #instantparty:



1 Dress up your space.

 Turn your home into a festive space with easy decorating ideas: use paper plates as a backdrop for your buffet table or turn a simple waffle party into an eye-catching spread. You can also check out party stores such as Celebrations Party Central for ready-made party décor.


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2  Serve fuss-free (and easy-to-prep) food.

 There’s nothing wrong with serving simple dishes as long as they taste and look good. Go for one-pot meals, three-ingredient drinks or an easy but delicious salmon spread.


You can even chill watermelon slices and turn them into fruit popsicles. If you want a more elaborate spread, go for a themed potluck party and involve everyone on the guestlist.

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3 Add fun elements to your get-together.

Don’t forget to ask your musically-inclined friends to put together a playlist—music always sets the mood for a fun party. And don't forget the drinks! A classic margarita or a non-alcholic option are always good ideas. 



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