4 Dishes from Movies That Made Us Want to Eat (or Cook!)

These made us go, "I wish I could eat that right now."


“I wish I could eat that right now.” How many times can you say this while watching a movie? Well, we can recall several dishes that made us want to go out and get that exact dish or hit the kitchen and try a similiar recipe. Here, our favorites:

1. The Cubano sandwich from Chef

No other movie has made us crave for a sandwich so much. And mind you, we didn’t want some random sandwich—this film made us want a Cubano so bad that we kind of wished that the El Jefe food truck was real. Our biggest consolation? The "The Official Chef Movie Cookbook: Recipes From El Jefe” is available for download.  

Don’t you agree that the biggest star in this movie was all that food porn?



2. Beef Bourguignon from Julie and Julia

If you’re just like Julia Child and didn’t learn to cook really well until you hit your 30s, this movie is pure inspiration. We might not have perfected or even tried making Beef Bourguignon just yet, but this film makes us crave for a bowl of beef stew.

Try this recipe for Beef Bourguignon!

3. All that sushi from Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Our excuse to binge on sushi are Chef Jiro Ono’s words of wisdom: “In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food.” Also, this movie made us put Sukiyabashi Jiro on our bucket list of restaurants to try (apparently, we are not alone).

Friendly warning: do not watch this film with an empty stomach.



4. Katz’s Deli Pastrami Sandwich in When Harry Met Sally

Ever watched the 80s movie When Harry Met Sally? Meg Ryan’s faux orgasm outburst may not have been so much about the pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli, but just like the woman at the next table, we wanted to “have what she’s having": a big fat sandwich bursting with pastrami slices on rye bread.


6 Delicious Reasons to Eat a Sandwich (Or A Burger) Today

Beef Bourguignon photo by Miguel Nacianceno, sushi image screencap from YouTube, pastrami sandwich from Katzs Delicatessen website, and Cubano sandwich image from www.facebook.com/ChefTheFilm


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