4 Things You Missed at the Yummy #AlwaysG Food Fest

Last October 25, 2022, Yummy teamed up with Gaviscon to kick off the celebration season with the #AlwaysG Food Fest, a day-long party where guests were invited to indulge themselves in some of the richest and spiciest foods from some of our favorite establishments.

Here's what went down at the event:

Three absolutely delish food and drink stations

Gaviscon and Yummy set up three themed food and drink stations where guests could enjoy a few of the metro's best foodie offerings.

The Fiery Station featured a trio of treats from Ray's Hot Chicken: the spicy and tangy Hot Chicken Sandwich with Bacon, a serving of equally spicy Hot Wings, and a cup of Mac and Cheese to give guests' burning tongue a little bit of relief.

Sarsa, meanwhile, manned the Fried and Fatty Station with three sinful putok-batok dishes of their own. The renowned resto served their crispy take on Chicken Isaw, an indulgent 3-Way Pork Sisig loaded with buttery cubes of rendered pork fat, and Beef Belly Kaldereta.

From left to right: Run Rabbit Run's Watermelon Mojito, Sarsa's Three-Way Pork Sisig, and Chicken Isaw.
From left to right: Run Rabbit Run's Watermelon Mojito, Sarsa's Three-Way Pork Sisig, and Chicken Isaw.
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Rounding out the day's menu was Run Rabbit Run's triple threat of beverages at the Funky Station. Their pink Floppy Ears cocktail was the drink of choice for guests who enjoyed fruity-floral flavors, while their delightful Halo-Halo cocktail was practically dessert: ube liqueur topped with nata de coco and langka. For those who wanted something non-alcoholic, the Watermelon Virgin Mojito was a tropical treat you could enjoy all day.


Each station also had QR codes you could scan for food-related trivia. For instance: Did you know carbon dioxide is what makes soft drinks fizzy and carbonation in beverages can cause acid reflux?

A ton of familiar faces

Influencers at the Yummy x Gaviscon event
The event was jam-packed with food lovers!

Attending the festival were some folks you probably follow online. Influencers like Brian Giron, Cris Ibanez, Mommy O, Miggy Cruz, Iya Omana, and more were spotted chowing down on the Fiery, Fatty, Fried, and Funky options available at the event.


A passport for foodies

Aside from some fun party games where the #AlwaysG Food Fest could take home prizes, each guest was given a passport they could fill up with stickers by completing different tasks. A special token was given to the first person to complete their passport; it was as big as a mini-fridge, and loaded with goodies!

With all the food and festivities, the #AlwaysG Food Fest felt like a genuine celebration. People came together to enjoy each other's company and bond with new friends over some great food.

photo area of the #AlwaysG Food Fest
From the food, photo area, to the games, the #AlwaysG Food Fest was a lot of fun!
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"I think what's different with Filipino food culture is that we like yung pakikisama," says Camille Taguba, Brand Manager for Gaviscon. "It's always a time of gathering, especially during the holidays. With Gaviscon, we want to equip these people to be #AlwaysG, to taste life without hesitation, without the fear of heartburn or indigestion."

About Gaviscon

Gaviscon, with its 2-in-1 action, works by forming a protective barrier on top of stomach contents, which helps prevent reflux, while at the same time neutralizing excess stomach acid. It is clinically proven to provide relief in as fast as 3 minutes and lasts for 4 hours. If the #AlwaysG Food Fest was any indication, Filipinos know that the best pairing for fried, fatty, fiery and funky food is good company.

Learn more about how Gaviscon Double Action helps you be #AlwaysG for food trips by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!



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