4 Tips on Making Family Dinners More Fun

Del Monte Tomato Sauce advocates for #FamilyWednesdates.


When was the last time every member of the family was home for weekday dinner? Increasingly busy schedules—both for parents and older siblings who work—make it difficult for everyone to sit down to a proper dinner during the week.

Del Monte’s #FamilyWednesdates campaign aims to create a new tradition for Filipino families to gather together over dinner at least once a week and bond over delicious homemade dishes. Through the campaign, Del Monte hopes that the modern Filipino family is encouraged to choose home-cooked meals, engage in meaningful conversations, and establish genuine connections with each other even after a hectic work or school day.

How to make cooking for #FamilyWednesdates more fun for both kids and parents? Del Monte has a few tips:


1. Choose dishes that are brightly-colored.

They are more eye-catching and can make dinner preparation more interesting.

2. Prepare meals that give children something to do. 

Most kids like to help and should be encouraged to do so. Ask them to participate in the meal preparation or after dinner clean-up. Setting the table and washing the dishes are age-appropriate and can also be a good bonding activity among family members.

3. Offer to make new dishes based on family members’ interests like different types of cuisines and twists on old favorites.

New dishes always make everyone look forward to coming home for dinner.

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4. A family meal is the perfect opportunity for parents to expose children to different types of food and expand their taste profiles.

Take your children to the market or grocery and have them point out veggies that look most interesting then use it as an ingredient in your next #FamilyWednesdate spread.


To know more about #FamilyWednesdates and Del Monte Tomato Sauce, visit their Facebook Page and Campaign Site.

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