5 Hot Chocolate Recipes You Need to Know

Sometimes, a comforting cup of cocoa is all you need.

It's offiicial: the rainy season is here and on dreary nights, there's nothing we want more than to sidle up to a cup of hot cocoa. From nutty to spicy, we have 5 tsokolate recipes you can whip up in a flash:




1 Dark Hot Cocoa Mix

The classic recipe never gets old: add coffee for a caffeine jolt or stir in some cayenne for a spicy kick.



2 Nutty Tsokolate

Thick, creamy, and nutty—this one is a perfect pair to ensaymada.



3 Cinnamon Hot Chocolate with Dulce De Leche

Like it extra sweet? This recipe’s got a dollop of dulce de leche and whipped cream.



4 Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Instant hot cocoa happiness! Mix with half a cup of hot milk for an instant hot chocolate drink.



5 Chili Hot Chocolate

All it takes is siling labuyo to give this classic drink a fiery kick.


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Treat yourself to a hot mug of liquid chocolate!

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