5 Pinoy Craft Beer Brewers You Need to Know

These local breweries are making exciting ales and ciders!


It’s really exciting to see that the craft beer revolution has finally begun gaining traction in the Philippines. Local brewers are starting to pop up all over the country, and exciting craft beer-centric events like Brewfest Manila are shining the spotlight on these dedicated Pinoy brewers.

In celebration of the imminent rise of Pinoy craft beer, here’s a list of some of the local craft beer brewers that you need to be watching:

1. Pedro Brewcrafters

Who wouldn’t love a craft beer with its own colorful name and persona? The beer that Pedro Brewcrafters produces is spritely and fun, a bit like their namesake character. We personally love their limited edition White Ale, which has hints of holiday spices and bright, zesty orange.

2. Juan Brew

Juan Brew is a brewery with a purpose. Unlike most beers, the brews by Juan Brew are produced by way of solar energy, making for a pale ale that is as light and tasty as it is environmentally friendly.

3. Nipa Brew

The team at Nipa Brew touts its beers as a sort of gateway to the world of craft beers; the brews are deep and flavorful without being too complicated for craft beer beginners. If you have a chance, keep a look out for their fruity Tropic Haze wheat ale and their chocolate-y Midnight Blur porter.

4. Katipunan Craft

Those in the know probably already know about Katipunan Craft and their now ubiquitous Indio Pale Ale. Regardless of their relative fame, though, the team at Katipunan Craft continues to churn out some of most well-rounded and distinct craft beers around.

5. Joe’s Brew

Leave it to an independent craft brewery to take their brand and just run with it. Behind Joe’s Brew’s funky labels and logos (our favorite is the Fish Rider Pale Ale) is a selection of beers that reflects a meticulous attention to detail and flavor.


For more updates and future event announcements, follow @brewfestmnl on Instagram.


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 Images from Pedro BrewcraftersJuan Brew Nipa BrewKatipunan Craft & Joe’s Brew

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