5 Tips for the Perfect Potluck Party

It's more than just buying barbecue or pancit.

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Everyone loves a good potluck. With just a little bit of teamwork and coordination, a group of friends and family can easily prepare an impressive spread of dishes that may or may not be able to feed a small army.


For all its simplicity, though, a really good potluck may require quite a bit of effort. We've all been to a party where everyone brought the exact same thing. You can only do so much with a hundred sticks of barbecue.


In honor of Yummy's brand new potluck issue (out now in bookstores, Summit Newsstand, the App Store and Google Play!) we've put together a guide to helping you put together the perfect potluck party.



1 Divide and conquer.

While it might be tempting to tell everyone to bring whatever they want, a little bit of coordination will help you avoid dish repeats.  Assign different people to different courses or even different cuisines! That way, your spread will be balanced and won't just be comprised of loads of pichi-pichi and a bilao of pancit.




2 Be inclusive.

Keep track of people's dietary restrictions. A potluck isn't much fun if people are left out. Not everyone has to bring something that's vegan, soy-free, gluten-free and allergen-free, but do try to bring a dish or two that everyone in your group can eat and enjoy, regardless of diet restrictions.



3 Bring dinner and dessert.

If communicating and coordinating with everyone may be a bit of a stretch (we understand; people are busy), make sure to bring options, at the very least.  Bring a savory dish as well as a sweet one in order to avoid turning your dinner into a full-on accidental cake-fest. Everyone loves a sweet treat after dinner, but not if dinner was comprised of brownies and ice cream.

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4 The more the merrier.

Make sure to bring more than enough food to the party. It's always much better to have people leave the party with full bellies and a handful of leftovers than have them exit hungry and unsatisfied. You won't want anyone rushing to the drive thru after a potluck, do you?




5 Don't experiment... too much.

While your loved ones will be more than willing enough to try your newest casserole creation, it would probably be a better idea to go with a dish that's a tried and tested crowd favorite. What's the fun in making something interesting and unique if no one's going to touch it? You can bring new, unusual dishes to a potluck, but do make sure that you've had other friends and family members try and approve them before the party.



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