6 Cool Cake Trends That You Need to Try This Year

We'll take ten slices each, please.

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Looking for a little cake-spiration for your next weekend baking project? Keep an eye out for the biggest cake trends that we spotted this year! 



1  Drip Cakes

Smooth and elegant glaze dripping over the sides of a cake is easily the biggest cake craze of the year. They make cake decorating easy, plus this design is easy on the eyes, too! Sydney-based home baker Phoebe Osborne makes simple drip cakes with fun colors. 



2  Ube

Be proud, fellow Pinoys! A local favorite, ube, is taking over the world as one of the biggest 2016 food trends with its bright purple color and earthy flavor. Looking for a moist, flavorful ube cake in Manila? Check out Indulge Patisserie



3  Tall Cakes

Sky-high cakes from the Cafe Mary Grace's line of Celebration Cakes are perfect for special occassions. They are classy, elegant, and most importantly, absolutely delicious. 


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4  Buttercream Flowers

Gone are the days of thick fondant-covered and fondant-styled cakes. Buttercream flowers look beautiful when piped, and have easily become a favorite in the cake world. This Jakarta-based home baker pipes out neat, gorgeous flowers on her cakes. 




5  Naked Cakes

No icing on the sides gives cakes a rustic and approachable look. Momofuku Milk Bar's signature naked cakes have it all: soft sponges and lots of frosting in between! 



6  Funfetti Cakes

The classic rainbow funfetti sprinkle design is something that is here to stay: throw it over your homemade birthday cakes and cupcakes for easy decorating! 


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