6 Delicious Reasons to Eat a Sandwich (Or A Burger) Today

It's more than just putting two pieces of bread together.



Sandwiches are easy meals. Here are 6 reasons to make one today:



1. Creamy Cheesesteak Sandwich


Garlic cream and soft sirloin make this sandwich worth biting into.




2. Chicken and Orange Salad on Baguette


Sweet Mandarin oranges can add zest to your usual chicken sandwich.




3. Korean-style Burgers


Fiery Korean flavors meets creamy cheese in this Asian-inspired plate.



4. Banh Mi (BBQ Pork Vietnamese Sandwich)


Textures and fresh flavors elevate the humble sandwich to an Asian favorite.




5. Easy Pulled Pork Sandwich


This sandwich has fork-tender pork and robust flavors—we want one, now!



6. Chicken and Bacon Sandwiches


Want something light, healthy, and has tangy zesty flavors? This one is it.


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