6 Dishes You Can Cook With Your Air Fryer

IMAGE David Hanson

Curious about that sleek, space age-looking contraption everyone is talking about?


Truly one of the trendiest kitchen appliances, the air fryer can be an indispensible tool to have, especially for those who are, well, afraid to fry. It works by circulating very hot air around the food placed inside its compartment, quite similar to how a convection oven works. Cooking with hot air means no splattering oil! The dry heat makes the food's exterior crispy while still keeping the inside moist. It also uses 80% less oil than conventional frying-a tidbit those who like to mind their fat intake would be happy to know.


Here some items you should try to air fry:


1. Chips ahoy
Whether you prefer thin crispy chips or big chunky wedges, air fry up that potato! Experiment with other starchy food like kamote and banana. Then take it even further with pumpkin wedges and apple slices. Kale? You can give that a go!



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2. Chicken Fun
Crispy skin, juicy meat-what's not to love about fried (or air fried!) chicken? Drumsticks, lollipops, thighs, chops, and wings will get you lickin' your fingers.


3. Breaded Talk
Try lighter versions of deep-fried breaded delights like potato and salmon croquettes, onion rings, and tonkatsu. Experiment by breading eggplant and zucchini slices for interesting side dishes, too.


4. Snack attack
Although less golden, air fried versions of local favorites like lumpia and turon still end up crispy and tasty. Same goes for crispy wontons and veggie fritters. No vat of bubbling oil required.


5. Main attraction
Cooking liempo in the air fryer will render out the fat, but still give you juicy meat and crackling skin. Pork chops, fish, and lamb chops are sure to disappear from your plates fast. Though not normally deep fried, steak also cooks surprisingly well in the air fryer.

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6. Breakfast Club
Baked eggs and bacon. Don't get us started on bacon!



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Jan 14, 2018



Cooking with air presents you with so many possibilities. From tasty snacks to even pastries and dessert, you can confidently cook up delicious, less greasy food that will get high marks from you and your loved ones.


Bacon liempo photo by David Hanson

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