6 Egg Dishes for Every Meal of the Day

Poached or fried, eggs makes these dishes more special!


Crazy about eggs? We have several egg-topped dishes you'll want to try:


Garlic Pasta with Adobo Flakes and Poached Eggs

Pasta made better with a perfectly poached egg!



Pollo con Patatas

Egg-topped chicken? Why not!



Tapa Benedict

We always love a plate of good Eggs Benedict (this version uses the local tapa!).



Stewed Tomatoes with Egg and Chorizo on Crusty Bread

Tomatoes and eggs are always good together!



Spinach-Cheese Pancakes with Salmon and Egg

Elevate pancakes with salmon and what else...eggs!



Croque Madam with Gruyere Melt

We think eggs make this sandwich more beautiful!




Kitchen Newbie's Guide to Poaching

Poach Your Egg Using Julia Child's Trick!


Be an Eggs-pert: How to Boil Better Eggs


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