6 Fried Chicken Recipes to Try

Make your fried chicken dish more exciting!


Fried chicken is always an easy meal option. But did you know that there are other exciting ways to make this favorite? Here, some of our must-try fried chicken recipes:


Garlic Fried Chicken Recipe

How to make fried chicken better? Make it extra garlicky!



Chicken Karaage Recipe

Crispy skin, juicy meat, and umami flavorthere's much to love about this Japanese-style fried chicken.



Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Gravy

Buttermilk is the secret to elevating your usual fried chicken.



Fried Chicken with Five Spice-Plum Seasoning Recipe

Who says fried chicken has to be a one-note affair?



Thai-Style Fried Chicken Recipe

Cumin, coriander, and cilantro give this dish its distinctive Thai flavor.



Chinese-Style Fried Chicken

The secret to great Chinese-style fried chicken? Steaming the chicken before frying.




How to Cook the Best-Tasting Fried Chicken

4 Top Tips for Making Amazing Chinese-Style Fried Chicken

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