6 Healthy Salads That Make Weight-Watching Taste Good

Low-cal but big on taste!


Looking for more healthy plates? Here, 6 tasty salads that won't make you feel like you're missing out on good food:


1. Pandesal Veggie Salad



Haven’t tried toasted pandesal in your salad? They give extra crunch to your plate of greens.



2. Chicken Pop Salad with Grapes and Cheese



Honey mustard dressing provides the perfect sweet tang to chicken, grapes, and cheese.           



3. Buffalo Chicken Salad



Chicken and cheese makes for a good combo. You can also swap shrimp with chicken for a healthier plate.



4. Mango and Calamari Salad



Ready in minutes and big on flavor!



5. Hot Prawn Salad with Mangoes and Pineapple



Crispy prawns and fruits make for a medley of tastes and textures.



6. Ensaladang Prutas at Lato



This Pinoy salad is a refreshing way to eat your greens.

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