6 Mango Desserts You Will Love

Sweet options for your post-meal treat.


Mangoes are incredibly versatile in the kitchen and wonderful when incorporated in desserts. Here, 6 mango desserts you will fall in love with:


1. No-Bake Mango Cream Pie

 Mangoes, cream, and a no-bake recipe makes for a winning combo.




2. Mango Torte


Drizzling chocolate sauce on top is highly recommended!



3. Mango Fool


Need a last-minute dessert? This one makes the cut!



4. Spicy Mango Ice

Go on a flavor adventure with sweet and spicy flavors.



5. Mango Tapioca in Coconut Milk


Loco for mangoes? This one is a sweet nod to local flavors.



6. Vanilla Ricotta Cream with Mango Sauce


This is a cross between panna cotta and cheesecake—without the high fat content!

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