6 Ways to Cook Adobo

Get adventurous with these adobo recipes!


It’s one of the first Pinoy dishes any homemaker aspires to learn and it’s easily one of the less fussy recipes around: throw in some pork or chicken, vinegar, bayleaf, and peppercorn and you leave everything to boil until the meat is tender.

But there are other ways to cook this well-loved dish. Here's how you can be adventurous with your adobo:

1 Adobo Rice

Flake leftover adobo and toast, then top with thinly-sliced green mangoes. Yum!

2 White Adobo

White vinegar gives this version a mild tang.

Adobo Pasta

Leftover adobo gives this pasta dish its savory flavors. Don’t forget to top with parmesan cheese!

4 Adobo de Campesino


Cook adobo with achuete oil? Yes, you can. Try this recipe today.

5 Adobo sa Buko

You can also add coconut water for a deliciously sweet, mellow flavor.

6 Pork Adobo Flakes with Kesong Puti Sandwich

Turn adobo flakes into a sumptuous sandwich filling. Kesong puti slices add a nice subtle salty touch.

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