Have You Seen 7-Eleven's NEW Green Siopao? This Is Stuffed With A Popular Ulam!

IMAGE 7-Eleven Philippines

When it comes to affordable and delicious siopao, you can never go wrong with 7-Eleven's asado and bola-bola siopao, but from time to time, the convenience store does launch new flavors to serve as other siopao options when we need a break from the usual. 7-Eleven launched the likes of the Pizza Siopao last year, and this year, they have the new Adobo Siopao that's made in collaboration with renowned Filipino chef, Chef Reggie Aspiras.

Photo by 7-Eleven Philippines

7-Eleven's new Adobo Siopao siopao is easy to find without looking for the Adobo Siopao label from their steamer because, as compared to the other siopao flavors, the Adobo Siopao has a unique green tint to its buns. Don't worry as it's not pandan- or wasabi-flavored or anything!

The difference with these soft buns is that it's lightly sweetened which compliments the old-fashioned savory adobo filling in the center of the siopao. According to Chef Reggie Aspiras' Instagram Stories, the ulam-meets-merienda creation is inspired by her mother's adobo sandwich filling recipe that she turned into siopao.

A regular-sized Adobo Siopao costs P43/piece. This is now available in 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

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