7-Eleven Now Has ATMs! Here's Everything You Need To Know

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Running low on cash but you don't want to go to the mall to withdraw? Good news: 7-Eleven now has ATMs (automated teller machines) where you can withdraw cash-just like in 7-Eleven stores abroad. This added service takes the convenience store to a whole new different level of convenience, from offering heat-and-eat food, grocery staples, paying bills via CLIQQ, you can now also withdraw cash from select 7-Eleven 24/7 stores. 

But before heading to the nearest 7-Eleven store, here's everything you need to know:

What banks are supported by the 7-Eleven ATMs?

BDO Unibank is currently the only available bank supported by 7-Eleven ATMs that does NOT have an additional transaction fee. They do also support BANCNET transactions, but these are subject to additional fees charged by the issuing bank.

Can you deposit cash using 7-Eleven's ATMs?

Yes, you can-soon! 7-Eleven's unique cash-recycling ATMs will have deposit functions in the future.


Which 7-Eleven stores have the ATMs?

As of writing, the ATMs are only available in a number of 7-Eleven stores based in Mandaluyong City, Pasig City, and San Juan City. To see the complete addresses, you can refer to 7-Eleven's official list.

Need help with your transaction/s?

You can call these PAPI hotline numbers: 842-11-711 for PLDT, (0908)-981-711 for Smart, and (0917) 578-1711 for Globe.

PAPI stands for Pito AxM Platforms, Inc., which is a Philippine subsidiary of Seven Bank. Seven Bank is one of the most trusted banks in Japan with over 25,000 ATMs in their country alone. According to 7-Eleven Philippines, this system can adapt the user interface of the ATM machine depending on the customer's bank, making it easier and more familiar to use.

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