You Have To Try 7-Eleven's Iced Coffee!

Can't go through a day without iced coffee?

For a quick and easy coffee fix, 7-Eleven's City Blends does the trick-from their Brewed Coffee, French Vanilla, Mocchacino, and for those who like sweet hot chocolate, there's Hershey's Dark Chocolate. But did you know that 7-Eleven's City Blends also offers Iced Coffee? 

Follow the instructions: Peel, fill, and chill!
Photo by Bea Faicol

If you're the type of coffee drinker who likes your caffeine iced, regardless if the weather is hot or cold, you should try 7-Eleven's City Blends Iced Coffee. PSA: The cups for the Iced Coffee can be found together with the plastic bags of tube ice in their freezer. Each cup is half-filled with ice and is sealed with an instructional cover, that says: "Peel. Fill. Chill."

7-Eleven's City Blend Iced Coffee is sweet, milky, and refreshing!
Photo by Bea Faicol

7-Eleven's City Blends Iced Coffee is on the milkier side of the coffee spectrum, which makes it perfect if you just want a mild caffeine jolt. It is served with a sachet of sugar syrup which you can add to sweeten your cup of iced coffee. Tip: a bit can go a long way! Don't empty out the sachet unless you want a really milky and sweet iced coffee.

7-Eleven's City Blends Iced Coffee (P42/16oz) is available at 7-Eleven branches. You can check the exact addresses at the official 7-Eleven store locator.

For more information, follow 7-Eleven on Facebook.


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