Get 50% Off On 7-Eleven’s Coffee And Hotdog Sandwiches This Thursday!

Rescue us from petsa de peligro, please!

When you're going through the woes of petsa de peligro, thinking about out what to eat for lunch or merienda can be challenging. Don't worry! 7-Eleven is celebrating their 7-Eleven Day with promos that can get you through the day with a satisfied stomach. On July 11, you can get 50% off on City Blends coffee and Big Bite hotdogs, plus free flavorites from Crunch Time.

On 7-Eleven Day, you can get 50% off on your 7-Eleven favorite City Blends coffee and Big Bite hotdogs, and get free Crunch Time products.
Photo by 7-Eleven Philippines

You can start the day with 7-Eleven's City Blends. They have a variety of hot beverages (discounted price: P16-P21) to choose from, like the Brewed Coffee, French Vanilla, Mocchacino, and the Hershey's Dark Chocolate. If you're feeling fancy, you can also try City Blends Prima's Americano (discounted price: P22-P25), Cappuccino (discounted price: P25-27), Latte (discounted price: P27-P30), and, the more premium, Hershey's Dark Chocolate (discounted price: P25-P27).

For lunch, you can order 7-Eleven's Crunch Time's fried chicken meal, chicken nuggets meal, or fried chicken bucket and this will give automatically give you a free flavorites pack! If you're a CLiQQ e-Wallet user, you can also get 50% off on Big Bite Hotdogs (discounted price: P15), Slurpee (discounted price: P18), Busog Meals which are available in Sisig, Giniling, Omelette (discounted price: P15-P16), and select siopao (discounted price: P21), sandwiches (discounted price: P25), chips (discounted price: P15), and bottled beverages(discounted price: P15).


For the full list of discounted products and promos, visit 7-Eleven's official website.


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