Peach And Blueberry Soju Fans, You Can Score These Soju Bottles At 50% Off!

For your next e-numan session.

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As much as we miss having a relaxing drinking session with friends, this remains off the table while we're all in quarantine. The next best feasible and safer option? Schedule an e-numan or online inuman with your friends. If you're go-to drink is soju, you and your wallet are in luck because 7-Eleven is offering bottles of soju with a whopping 50% discount.

7-Eleven Philippines does "7-Day Sales" every week, offering different items with a huge discount. For the last week of August, they're offering Good Day soju in blue (blueberry) and pink (peach) flavors for half the price. Instead of its suggested retail price of P115, each bottle now costs P57.

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Another soju you might want to try is Good Day's Tock Soda: not a sparkling soda, but it's actually sparkling soju with a 5% ABV (alcohol by volume). 7-Eleven also included this item on this week's 7-Day Sales. Its discounted price is P55 per bottle, instead of its regular price of P110.

7-Eleven Philippines' 50% discount on Good Day Blueberry Soju, Peach Soju, and Tock Soda will be available until August 30, 2020 only.



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