7-Eleven Announces Limited Operation Schedule + Temporary Store Closures

Majority of its branches remain open.

IMAGE Bea Faicol

Amid the Luzon-wide community quarantine, establishments that offer basic goods, like groceries and convenience stores, continue to operate to provide essentials to the community. Last March 20, 7-Eleven Philippines announced an update on their operating branches, operating hours, and temporary branch closures-in support of the government's quarantine guidelines.

The memo posted on their Facebook account says that majority of its branches remain open and have regular operations, but a number of 7-Eleven branches are now temporarily closed, specifically branches that are in close proximity to another operating branch.

For some of the open 7-Eleven branches, they will be operating on a specific schedule-meaning some branches will not operate on a 24/7 schedule. Depending on which city the branch is located in, they are to follow the curfew hours imposed by its respective local government unit. 

Included in the quarantine guidelines is that you can still go outside if you need to buy food or groceries. During your next essential trip to 7-Eleven, you can still get your favorite rice meals and your favorite snacks for your midnight cravings. Just remember to practice social distancing!


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