This Presidential Candidate Got The Most Votes Through 7-Eleven Speak Cups

Did your vote help your candidate win this mock poll?

7-Eleven Philippines always has some fun gimmick during elections and for the upcoming elections this May 9, 2022, they had 7-Eleven Speak Cups. The Speak Cups is a mock poll where people can cast their vote for the presidential candidate they want to win, they can cast their vote by buying a cup designed after the presidential candidate.

There are six choices: Ping Lacson, Leni Robredo, Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao, Bong Bong Marcos, and an "Undecided."
Photo by 7-Eleven Philippines

Customers can "vote" as many as they want by buying as many cups as they want. 7-Eleven keeps a tally of it from the day it started, March 9, 2022, until the last day, April 27, 2022.

Here are the final results of the 7-Eleven Speak Cups:

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According to these stats, Marcos leads the presidential candidates with 43% of total "votes" in the mock poll followed by Robredo with 24% of the "votes". The other candidates were Moreno with 8%, Pacquiao with 6%, Lacson with 5%, and finally, those who declared themselves still undecided taking up the remaining 14% of all "votes". 


You can find the full breakdown of the 7-Eleven Speak Cups results on its 7-Election site

How did your candidate do in this mock poll? 


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