7 Fancy Food Words That You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

Learn how to say these fancy food words correctly!

Let's admit it: there are dozens of hard-to-pronounce food words and terms out there! Here are a few that are quite common—have you been mispronouncing them, too? 




1  Compote

Compote is made up of whole or chopped berries that are cooked in sugar, water, and optional spices and flavorings. Slather compote over your sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, and panna cotta



2  Confit

The classic French confit dish that you most likely know about is duck, usually the leg part, slowly cooked in its own rendered fat. Confit may also refer to the cooking method of preserving meats, fruit, and vegetables by cooking and preserving them in a liquid that holds off bacteria.



3   Bouillabaisse

Also known as a "Fisherman's Stew," bouillabaisse is a well-loved French stew that contains different kinds of fish and seafood, and a broth flavored with citrus, saffron, and fennel. 



4  Maraschino

These sweet preserved cherries are what make your cocktails, fruit salads, banana splits, and milkshakes extra awesome! 



5  Cognac

Clink! This brandy was named after a town in France. 



6  Worcestershire

This sauce is an easy favorite for marinating meats, making salad dressings, and simmering stews. This fermented condiment was created by two chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins, whose secret sauce easily became a kitchen staple!



7  Mascarpone

This light and creamy Italian cheese is a main ingredient for one of your favorite desserts: tiramisu


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