7 Kapampangan Dishes to Try

There's more to Pampanga's cuisine than exotic dishes.

Kapampangan cuisine is known for having exotic dishes such as Crispy Camaru (fried crickets) or Betute (stuffed frog) but there are other equally tasty dishes that make the Central Luzon province popular:


Morcon (Stuffed Meat Rolls)

This beef dish is usually cooked during holidays or fiestas and the marinade used for this recipe can actually also be used for other meat cuts for grilling


Morcon is a hearty beef dish that you will find at every Filipino party!



A popular bar chow and main dish, sisig is made with chopped pig's face and snout and pig's ears, plus chicken liver. Invented by the late Lucia Cunanan who hails from Pampanga, the original Aling Lucing’s sisig is first boiled, grilled and fried before it's served on a sizzling plate.


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Bringhe is the local version of the Arroz Valenciana and is served during fiestas and special occasions.





A dish made of pork or beef lungs and heart, bopis is also sauteed in onions, tomatoes, and chilies and has a distinct piquant flavor.




This dish is a medley of veggies but the Kapampangan version is more akin to the sour stew, Sinigang. Guavas are used as a souring agent in the Kapampangan version and includes seafood such as prawns and bangus belly.



Kalderetang Kambing (Goat Stew)

This dish is made of goat meat cooked with tomato sauce, veggies, and liver spread. There's usually no gamey flavor if it's done right (some boil the goat meat prior to cooking).



Lumpiang Ubod

Strips of palm heart are sauteed with shrimp and pork and then rolled in lumpia wrappers made of flour and eggs. For this recipe, we added chopped green onions to the lumpia batter.




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