7 Tasty Food Scenes in Film


Nothing quite piques the interest of a foodie more than a memorable food scene. The film industry has produced tons of it-from grand feasts, to the steamy-erotic, to the ones that induce serious cravings-and it was almost impossible to trim a list down to a single digit. But like certain meals you don't ever forget, these scenes are the ones we love most and are nothing short of mouth-watering:



1. Chef Carl Casper making a grilled cheese sandwich in Chef
It was hard to pick a favorite from the this film but this 40 seconds of pure grilled cheese glory is just glorious.

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2. Remy prepares a plate of ratatouille for Anton Ego in Ratatouille
Who would have thought that an animated film will make you want to have a bite of ratatouille, too?

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3. Hassan makes an omelette with Madame Mallory in A Hundred Foot Journey
BRB, we're going to the kitchen and making an omelette. Now.

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4. Lena and Carl's laing scene in Kailangan Kita

The scene of Lena (Claudine Barretto) and Carl (Aga Muhlach) making laing proves that a typical Filipino romantic movie scene peppered with culture and food makes for one of the most memorable Pinoy movie scenes in our book.



5. The three movements of sushi in Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Tagged as the "concerto", this scene will give you a higher appreciation for the way and the art of making sushi.

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6. Any scene with Mendl's sweets in The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson's latest visual treat is indeed star-studded, but let's be honest here: the real star in the show is the divine-looking Courtesan au Chocolat from Mendl's.

And with the help of an official video tutorial, you can try making one yourself!


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7. Daniel cooks for Hanna in Bon Appétit   

How to impress a sommelier (take notes!): make a dish with five simple ingredients-pasta noodles, flour, egg yolks, oranges, and mint candy.

Collage by Riell Santos

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