7 Ways to Spice up Your Coffee

There's more to life than having your coffee with just sugar and milk. Looking for something new? Make your morning brew more exciting by mixing in these fun and flavorful add-ins.



1 Cinnamon
This well-loved spice is not only delicious and fragrant, it is also great for your digestion and immune system! Sprinkle ground cinnamon over your coffee for a cozy cup of joe.



2 Chocolate
Coffee and chocolate are best friends. Mix in a spoon of cocoa powder into your hot coffee, or grind cacao nibs along with your beans before brewing. Dark chocolate also has great cardiovascular health benefits-and we aren't just using this as an excuse to eat more of it.


3 Caramel
The smooth, nutty notes of a dark caramel will seamlessly mix into your steaming cup of coffee. If you want to take it to the next level, use salted caramel instead of the regular sweet type. Salt brings out a more robust flavor!


4 Vanilla
Counting calories? Add a few drops of vanilla bean extract to your coffee instead of mixing in sugar. The vanilla will give your coffee sweet flavors without spiking up your sugar intake.

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5 Cardamom
Sprinkling ground cardamom seeds into hot coffee will give it spicy, fragrant, and exotic notes. This practice is widely popular in the Middle East, where cardamom is a favorite spice often used in their cooking.



6 Maple syrup
No, we aren't talking about maple-flavored pancake syrup. Go for a dash of dark pure maple for a sweet kick! Adjust the sweetness to your liking by adding one teaspoon at a time.


7 Coconut milk

Coconuts are one of the main crops in the Philippines. It also makes for a delicious, readily-available, and non-dairy option for creamy lattes. If you want to cut down on your dairy intake, try switching out your regular cream and milk for tasty, tropical, coconut milk.


Photography by Mark Jesalva.


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