8 Cool Ways to Enjoy Ice Cream

There are better ways to eat this treat other than spooning it out of a tub.


Ice cream is an easy favorite but there sweeter ways to enjoy this cool treat. Here are a few ideas:



1. Ice Cream Sundae Sandwich

You can also substitute your fave ice cream flavor!




2. Ice Cream Cupcakes

Mini-versions of ice cream cake, anyone?




3. Berries and Cream

Fresh fruits in your ice cream bowl should be a no-brainer!




4. Hazelnut Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream hugged by brownies—a perfect match made in dessert heaven!





5. Cookie Dough Chilly Burger

Chocolate cookies and cookie dough make this treat doubly sweet.




6. Ice Cream Cake

Double the fun with ice cream AND cake in one dessert plate.




7. Coffee Kahlua and Malt Pie Ice Cream

Adults can have their fun, too, with this Kahlua-flavored dessert.




8. Banana Split Ice Cream Pie

We’d always say yes to banana split in a pie!

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