8 Things Only A Foodie Would Understand

Food-obsessed? We understand you!


These days, it seems that anyone with even the slightest interest in anything edible is considered a “foodie”. The term is subjective though. To some it could be a total compliment, while to others a complete insult. Whatever your feelings may be regarding this ubiquitous label, one thing is for sure: A foodie is defined as exceedingly, undoubtedly food-obsessed. How so? Let us count the ways.


1. Foodies are willing to stand in line for the latest food fad.

A two-hour wait for Tim Ho Wan pork buns? Waiting on the street for the next table to open up at 12/10 because they don’t take reservations? Lining up for Wildflour’s cronuts? Yup, a foodie has definitely lined up for food at one point. And if that food fad proves to be as delicious as everyone makes it out to be, then lines aren’t even an issue.

2. Foodies usually start thinking about their next meal during the middle of their current meal.

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It’s the norm for the food-obsessed to start thinking about a second breakfast halfway through their first plate of bacon and eggs. It’s perfectly common for them to gush about craving ramen for dinner while in the middle of a hefty Indian lunch. 

3. Traveling foodies? You better believe that their itinerary is 98-percent food-related.


Whether it’s booking a seat at the hottest restaurant, exploring grocery stores just to ogle at foreign ingredients, hunting for great street eats, or visiting massive food markets, food is definitely the priority during any trip.

4 Foodie vocabulary is prevalent.

You can count on a foodie to know the difference between artisanal, organic, and farm-to-table. They will definitely know whether a dish is cooked sous vide or if pasta is al dente. And they’ll definitely know how to pronounce Worcestershire. 

5. Foodies can’t get enough of food culture.

Whether it’s cooking shows, reality cooking show contests, food- and-travel-centric shows, food movies, food lit, and cookbooks, this is the foodie’s concept of pop culture.

6. Foodies will cringe when it comes to buying a T-shirt for P1,500, but they won’t bat an eyelash when spending for a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak for the same price.

 To them, this is setting their priorities straight.



7. “I know this awesome new place to eat!” is the phrase that is mostly heard when talking to a foodie.

It’s just automatic for them to always be in the know. The best fried chicken joint? The creamiest ice cream? The juiciest burger? Ask a foodie, and you won’t be disappointed.

8. Count on a foodie to know where to get hard-to-find ingredients.

Whether it’s masa harina for homemade corn tortillas or chickpeas for whipping up hummus, a foodie is always on the look out for the very best ingredients. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

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