9 Special Pantry Staples for the Holidays

The holidays call for pantry items that are a bit more special.


We all love a little bit of holiday cheer, come this time of year. People start bringing out the parols, and begin becoming just a wee bit merrier. Since the season of joy is just around the corner, why not indulge a little and splurge on a few, fancier pantry fillers to help spruce up your meals in the coming weeks? Have a look at some of our favorite special kitchen treats:



1 Tesco Whole Nutmeg 

What's Christmas without a little spice? Whole nutmeg for grating into baked treats and rich sauces is a great addition to any pantry, especially during the holidays.

available at SM Supermarkets

2 Cold Brew Coffee by Slurp

Treat yourself to an extra boost of energy while you go Christmas shopping with a cool bottle of carefully crafted cold brew!

 available at choice stockists and online

3 Waitrose Sundried Tomato Paste

Pump up the flavor in your soups and stews with the rich, fruity depth of this swanky tomato paste alternative.

 available at Rustan’s Supermarkets and Rustan’s Marketplace

4 New York Breakfast Tea

Enjoy your holiday mornings with a hot cup of this sweet, malty brew.

 available at TWG

5 Tesco Bramley Apple Sauce

Holiday dinners don't always need to be difficult. Serve racks of crispy pork with this tart, classically British side straight out of the jar.


available at select SM Supermarkets

6 Five Color Conchiglie Pasta by Dalla Costa

Take your standard pasta up a notch with the five festive colors in this vibrant bag of pasta from Italy. 

 available at Rustan’s Marketplace

7 Strawberry Rose Jam by The Fruit Garden

A hint of floral rose makes this strawberry jam just that little bit more special.

available at Rustan’s Supermarkets, Rustan’s Marketplace and choice stockists

8 Tablea by Cocoa Monster

You can't have a Pinoy Christmas without a steaming hot cup of freshly beaten tsokolate!

available at most supermarkets and choice stockists

9 Sea Salt with Tomato by Casale Paradiso

Just a little bit of this briney condiment, flecked with dried tomato, will be enough to turn your dinners into real showstoppers.

 available at Rustan’s Marketplace



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Photography by Riell Santos

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