A Modern Entrepreneur’s Recipe for Success

Want to have a successful food business? Here’s everything you need.

With food businesses sprouting at every turn, modern entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of constantly evolving not just to keep up with competition but, even more importantly, to stay ahead. Knowing what exactly you need is half the battle, and here we share a shopping list of things guaranteed to make your business succeed.

1. A tried and tested product

Before launching any food product, have friends and family try it out first. Encourage them to give their feedback, and find out how you can make your product better. Don’t stop improving even if you think you’ve already perfected the recipe. Maybe this can even lead to new creations!

2. An open and effective communication line

The success of your business depends on your customers—if you don’t reach your customers, your business will not be noticed. Make sure you are visible online and you have a reliable way to be reached by your clients. Get a stable internet connection and reliable phone line that will allow your customers to reach you.

3. Knowledge of trends

You’ll always be safe keeping to timeless classics, say, for instance, a brownie. But how else can you make it better? Matcha will be big in 2017, for example, so why not add this to your tried and tested recipe? By staying up to date on current and upcoming trends, you give your business the advantage of being able to offer more varieties relevant to the ever-growing needs and demands of your customers. Make sure you always go online so you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

4. Marketing smarts

Digital marketing is all the rage these days, as people spend more time online on their mobile phones or computers. More often, they are checking social media for news and updates 24/7, making it important for you to be present wherever they are surfing or clicking. Plan an eye-catching social media campaign complete with nicely taken photos and short but straight-to-the-point slogans. Invest on a reliable data plan so you can check on your business online anytime and anywhere.

5. Excellent customer service

Whether you’re operating a brick-and-mortar store or doing it virtually from an online shop, customer service is key. From how you answer queries to how you address customer concerns, all of these contribute to people’s perception of your brand. Whether they will recommend your products to the next person they meet is also dependent on the kind of experience they had while transacting with you. You are more likely to be recommended to other customers if you reply to queries after a reasonable amount of time. 

6. Reliable business partners

Surely you can’t do everything on your own, unless you’re already operating a multi-million peso business. We’re talking about delivery service providers, suppliers of raw materials, and of course your internet service provider.

Like any business, you need to stay connected in order to communicate with your staff, keep in touch with customers, and monitor your operations even when you’re not physically present at your business location. Choose a service provider that offers high-speed connection and value-for-money plans that help you run your business more efficiently.

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