A Newbie’s Guide to Baking Essentials

Ready to take on baking? We have a list of must-haves for your baking space.


New to baking? We’ve listed the baking gear you will need to get started!



1. Rubber Spatula


You will come across countless recipes that read something like, “Scrape down the sides of the bowl.” A rubber or silicone spatula will flawlessly get this job done for you. It’s also great for folding in last-step ingredients into your batter.



2. Liquid and dry measuring cups and spoons


Take note! You need different measuring tools for your wet and dry ingredients. Baking is all about precisionbe sure you use the correct measuring tools for different kinds of ingredients.



3. Electric hand mixer

Skip the bicep work-out and get one of these for all your whipping, creaming, and mixing needs. But hey, if you’re ready for the Big Leagues, grab a spoon and muscle your way by hand.




4. Metal and glass mixing bowls

You need metal bowls for when you are using a hand mixer so that the bowls do not get scraped by the mixer. Heatproof glass mixing bowls are perfect for melting chocolate—place a glass bowl over a small pot of gently simmering water to create a makeshift double-boiler.


5. Parchment paper

Have no fear of cookies and cakes getting stuck to your pans! Parchment paper will have your goodies sliding right off. It makes cleaning up much easier, too.


6. Ice cream scoop

Did you know using an ice cream scoop for your batter fills up cupcake tins perfectly? You could also use one for even and consistently sized cookies.




7. Sieve

A sieve is ideal for getting rid of lumps in your flour, baking soda, and baking powder to get a smooth and even batter. You may also use it for dusting your goodies in icing sugar!



8. Wire whisk

A wire whisk does everything from whipping up egg whites to aerating your dry ingredients. Look for a silicone onethis type will not scrape the bottoms of your pots when you make pastry cream or citrus curds.


9. Cookie sheets

Find a cookie sheet that is sturdy and durable. Aluminum ones conduct heat well and do not rust. You’ll be a cookie queen (or king) in no time!


10. Baking tins

The standard sizes for cake pans are 8 or 9-inch round pans. Light colored tins are better for evenly-baked cakes.


11. Wire Rack

This is an absolute essential if you want to get the right texture for your baked masterpieces (yes, be proud of your work!)let your cookies and cakes cool down on a rack to prevent them from getting soggy.


Images from Williams-Sonoma, Pinterest


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