Score Up to P10,000 Off On Refrigerators At Abenson

Need a new fridge?

Got some old appliances that need replacing? Revamping your kitchen? Furnishing your new home? Either way, you may be in need of a new refrigerator. Getting the right fridge can be a huge investment, but one that will always pay you back in the long run, especially since you use it 24 hours a day. But just in case you want to shop a high-quality refrigerator without spending an arm and a leg, we know where you can get some that won't break your budget: Abenson is having a sale on selected appliances and you can score discounts up to P10,000 off on brand-new refrigerators!

Check out some of the discounted refrigerators you can shop from Abenson:

Photo by Abenson

Panasonic NR CY550QSPH

P59,999 from P69,999

If you've always wanted a double-door fridge that can hold all the food you need to feed your entire household, this one from Panasonic might just be the refrigerator of your dreams; and you can get it for P10,000 off the original price! It's got two refrigerator sides on top along with shelves on the door while the entire bottom portion is a freezer. You'll never run out of space!

Photo by Abenson
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Condura CBF-253I

P22,995 from P24,995

Keep your kitchen looking sleek and modern with this metallic black fridge from Condura, which features a classic two-door design that should be enough for the average-sized household. You can keep the no-frills front portion totally empty or decorate it with cute magnets.

Photo by Abenson


P9,998 from P11,998

If you've always wanted a mini fridge for your bedroom or family room, take this as a sign to finally get one because you can shop this TCL refrigerator for less than P10,000! Now you can keep all your favorite drinks and snacks within immediate reach at any time of the day. No more tiptoeing down to the kitchen when you're craving for a midnight snack!

Photo by Abenson

Panasonic NR BV288QSPH

P21,998 from P24,998

Though most standard two-door refrigerators usually keep the freezer on top, this panasonic fridge puts it on the bottom while the main refrigerator compartment is right above it. That way, you'll have an easier time putting in and taking out heavier items from your freezer.

You can shop Abenson online or at their branches around Metro Manila.


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