What Recipe You Should Master This Year, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Master a basic recipe this 2018!

“New year, new me,” you say. Or maybe “This 2018, I will experiment more in the kitchen.” It isn’t the cooking and baking itself that’s hard, it’s the overwhelming world of options you can try, and the feat of telling the novice recipes apart from the expert ones.

Luckily, the stars are here to help.

No, really. We’ve found there’s an easy way to match your sign’s traits and preferences with a recipe that’s suited to your style. Scroll down to your sign to find out what recipe you can—and totally should!—accomplish this new year. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try and master them all.


The rams of the Zodiac are pioneers—straightforward, fiery, and ambitious. You need a recipe that’s as creative, challenging, and sunny as you are. A hot-as-heck penne with arrabbiata sauce recipe gives you enough variety and challenge as you strive to blend and perfect that spicy sauce. Bonus: you get to test your tolerance for hotness.



Ever patient, cautious, grounded, you aren’t afraid to take your time to get your recipe right. You need something classical, tried and tested, but with an optional twist to appeal to your romantic side. Try the familiar leche flan, but substitute it with experimental flavors. Have you tried making a mango flan or chocolate flan? 


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You need something that reflects your fun, unpredictable, and variable traits. Sometimes you’re noncommittal, sometimes you’re all-in. Whatever your mood, Oreo cheesecake is right up your alley. You can make this dessert in so many ways: let it bake slowly in an oven or go for the fuss-free, no-bake method. The many variations of this recipe are sure to keep up with your changing moods.


More likely than not the budding chef of the family, what recipe isn’t fit for you? Whatever your loved ones want, you’re willing to learn. For a familiar and motherly offering, master the classic champorado. Perfect for serving to family, this recipe is reminiscent of your homely warmth and of snuggling up to loved ones.



Bright. Proud. Competitive. Luxurious. What you need is a recipe you can show off, something that people will remember you by forever, something fit for royalty. A teriyaki beef stir fry recipe is something to boast of and impress with, even if you don’t really overdo it with the effort. Shh. No one needs to know how easy it was.



The disciplinarian of the signs, everyone knows about your organizational skills and enviable attention to detail. Hainanese chicken recipes are a little too intricate for some, but not you. You’re more than capable of following the most detailed and diligent of recipes. Time to put your accuracy and obsession with detail to the test!


Represented by scales, you guys are all about balance. What suits you is an equally harmonious recipe, one that takes usual opposites and blends them together perfectly. Equal parts garlicky, saucy, and sugary, a sweet and savory chicken rice bowl recipe is the perfect taste your buds are craving for.


Most commonly known as the most sensual of the signs, Scorpios are actually deeply passionate, loyal, and luxurious. You deserve a sentimental classic with an aroma of romance, such as a shrimp pasta with white wine. Best shared with a partner, you’ll have yourself building a romantic mood as early as your recipe’s preparation stage.



Straightforward, confident, and willing to take risks, you Archers like to come out with a big and bold statement when all is said and done. Quick and easy-looking? No, thank you. Something anyone can do? Not for you. A roasted salmon recipe is both challenging and achievable. Perfect for the budding chef who wants to make a statement but isn’t quite there yet with her cooking skills.


What you’re looking for is a recipe that makes sense to eat. Disciplined and practical, good-tasting food won’t cut it: it has to feel good once it’s in your system. Vegan carbonara pasta is what you’re looking for. Equal parts nourishing and delicious, you’ll have your family and friends well-fed and impressed by your thoughtful and practical cooking prowess.


Aquarius will have the most adventure in the kitchen this year, being the visionaries, dreamers, and idealists of the Zodiac. We can tell you what to cook, but what you secretly want is to cook it in your own way. The classic sinigang recipe has seen many twists and surprises in various restaurants in recent years—and we think it’s time for you to make your own.



Truly the most emotional and dreamy of the signs, your mind’s probably too high up the clouds to really concentrate on the cooking. Maybe an easy seafood paella is whimsical enough to keep you grounded. Romantic, colorful, and intuitive like you, the aroma of this recipe will keep you wistful right from prep time.


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