The One Ingredient That’s Missing In Your Cup Of Coffee

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We all have our own coffee preference: black, sweet, milky, or a combo. But sometimes we add our own little twists, like a dash of cinnamon, hazelnut syrup, or a slab of butter (to make bulletproof coffee!). But there's one ingredient-probably one of the least expected-that you should consider adding to your coffee, and that's salt.

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If you find yourself flinching from coffee that's a tad too bitter and acidic for your liking, a pinch of salt can do wonders to your cup of coffee. The salt can 'neutralize' the acidity of coffee, which then makes your coffee smoother and velvety, according to Cooking Light. This would be waaay better than adding three, five, or more spoonfuls of sugar just to cancel out the bitter flavors. 

For those who brew their own cup of coffee at home, you can add a pinch of salt to your coffee grounds before brewing. But for those who are using instant coffee, you can add half a pinch to your coffee to balance out the flavor. Tip: don't go beyond a pinch-don't underestimate what a pinch of salt can do.

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This may come as a shock to you, but salt in coffee isn't actually a new thing. This combination is a tradition in other parts of the world, like Turkey, Siberia, Hungary, and Northern Scandinavia. In Turkey, specifically, a bride-to-be adds salt to their fiance's coffee to determine if he will be a good husband. 

According to this Greek blog, in Northern Scandinavia, coffee and salt is not a litmus test of one's husband material. Here they use brackish water (saltier than freshwater, less salty than seawater) to brew their coffee making it strong and foamy. For the Swedish, they intentionally add salt when they use the melted water from glaciers.

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