All The Restaurants To Go To In Metro Manila If You Love Adobo

You can't go wrong with adobo!
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Love adobo? You're not alone. This classic Filipino dish that harmoniously puts together salty, vinegary, and meaty flavors makes the bulk of our favorite childhood memories. Now, it's time to take your love for adobo to a whole new level by exploring the different, creative ways restaurants are serving up this Filipino classic. Perhaps you'll even be inspired by these dishes to upgrade your own adobo experience at home. So, whether you're going to town for a new adobo experience, or looking for a place to treat a balikbayan to some homey, satisfying Filipino flavors-these are the places you can't miss.


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Army Navy's Adobo Naked Flakes Naked Burrito
Photo by Army Navy
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1 Adobo Flakes Naked Burrito

Do you remember the first time you had crispy, delicious, adobo flakes? Renew your love for this Filipino classic by having it in burrito form! It's made even more scrumptious with filling Spanish rice, refried beans, crunchy onions, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, crispy tortilla chips, and a slice of tart lime. Every bite is sure to please as the fruity acidity of tomatoes and lime cut through the crunchy, flavorful, rich adobo flakes.


Price: P 225

Where: Army Navy branches nationwide.

Abe's Lamb Adobo
Photo by Abe

2 Lamb Adobo

Imagine the vibrant, earthy, piquant, rich flavors of homemade adobo stepped up a notch with hearty, tender lamb! That's what you get with Abe Restaurant's Lamb Adobo. National Artist Bencab hails this mighty adobo as his favorite for a reason.


Price: P585

Where: Abe Restaurant. Check out the list of their branches and contact numbers here

Big Bad Wolf's Baby Squid and Scallop Adobo
Photo by Big Bad Wolf

3 Baby Squid and Scallop Adobo

Big Bad Wolf is not just a place to get plied with the most delicious cocktails, they also serve delectable pulutan and ulam. Part of their Filipino dishes with a twist is your favorite, tender, flavorful baby squid adobo made even better. It's deconstructed and given more oomph with some tasty scallops and tomatoes.


Price: P560

Where: Big Bad Wolf, Forbes Retail, Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Sentro 1771's Catfish Adobo Flakes
Photo by Sentro 1771

4 Catfish Adobo Flakes

We bet you've had adobo flakes before-but have you tried the catfish version? This deep-fried, adobo-style of adobo flakes made from hito feels lighter, crisper, but doesn't skimp on flavor. Enhanced with native garlic, and yellow ginger, every spoonful of this fragrant, delectable dish will make you smile.


Price: P169.99 for solo, P329.99 for sharing, P499 for parties

Where: Sentro 1771, G/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City

Adobo Connection's Adobo sa Gata
Photo by Adobo Connection

5 Liempo Sa Gata Adobo

Who can resist creamy, spicy pork belly adobo? This isn't Adobo Connection's only irresistible adobo dish. They also have your classic adobo flakes, chicken adobo, garlic liempo adobo, and spicy beef adobo. It's a one-stop shop for all your adobo needs but this creamy version is the one that we think should be on your must-eat list. 


Price: P 205

Where: Adobo Connection branches nationwide. Check out the list of their branches and contact numbers here.

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