Aice Just Came Out With Milk And Eggs-Flavored Ice Cream!

It has a strawberry filling, too.

IMAGE Aice Philippines and Pixabay

Aice is a Singaporean brand behind the cute, delicious, and incredibly affordable frozen desserts, like the watermelon-shaped Semangka (P10), pastel-hued Milk Melon (P12), and the corn-shaped Sweet Corn (P15). During this pandemic, Aice launched an interesting quarantine-special flavor called the Milk & Eggs ice cream.

Photo by Aice Philippines

This popsicle is made with a milk-and-egg base, but inside lies a luscious sweet strawberry sauce filling with tiny nata de coco bits. This popsicle's tip is dipped in milk chocolate for an extra touch of sweetness.


This new ice cream flavor is Aice's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Aice, this ice cream flavor is rich in milk, eggs, honey, vitamins, and nutritional elements "that can help to improve immunity."

Aice's Milk & Eggs Ice Cream is available for P20 per popsicle. 

For more information, follow Aice Philippines on Facebook.



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