Aice's NEW Ice Cream Sandwich Has Red Bean + Mochi!

It only costs 25 pesos!

IMAGE Facebook/Aice Philippines

A classic summer dessert Pinoy kids grew up with is the monggo ice candy or the popsicle. Now, you can also get Samanco's fish-shaped wafer with vanilla ice cream and sweet red bean paste, which is now available in most groceries. Now, there's a new red bean dessert in town: Aice's Red Bean Sandwich.

Aice Philippines recently launched new desserts this summer, like the Avocado Sundae and the Calamansi Popsicle. The latest addition to their affordable frozen dessert selection is the Aice Red Bean Sandwich that's made with a chocolate bar-shaped wafer that's filled with layers of red bean, vanilla ice cream, and glutinous rice, muchlike mochi! 

You can already imagine all the textures and flavors coming together in each bite. You get crisp wafers, the rough-chalky feel from the sweet red bean, creamy vanilla ice cream, and the chewy glutinous rice. How can one resist?

Aice's Red Bean Sandwich costs P25 per pack. You can send Aice Philippines a message on Facebook to place an order.



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