Air Fryer Owners, You Should Join These Online Groups For Tips, Tricks, And Recipes!

These are some of the largest online communities dedicated to air fryer owners.

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Have you decided to give in to the quarantine trend and and purchased an air fryer? If you're still new to owning this kitchen appliance, it's useful to be part of online communities that are specifically composed of other air fryer owners. These groups are a gold mine for air fryer recipes, what to look for in an air fryer, and leads on the best and worst air fryer brands. Plus, these groups also serve as a forum where you can address air fryer-related concerns and inquiries.

Here are some of the largest online communities dedicated to air fryer owners in the Philippines:

1 Air Fryer Philippines by Doc Jas' Kitchen

This local online community shares feedback with their air fryer, recipes, cooking techniques and tips, and where to shop for hard-to-find air fryer units and accessories. This group currently has more than 7,700 members.

2 Air Fryer Tips & Recipes Philippines

Another local online community for air fryer owners is the Air Fryer Tips and Recipes Philippines group. The members of this group share tips, recipes, and personal experience (good or bad) of owning an air fryer.

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3 Baumann Living Air Fryer & Pressure Cooker Recipe Exchange

This online community consists of air fryer and pressure cooker owners, specifically ones that own Baumann Living's Digital Air Fryer, Multi Air Fryer, and Electric Pressure Cooker. The members of this group share recipes, tips, and experience using the brand's air fryer and pressure cooker units.


4 Air Fryer Tips and Recipes

This group was originally created for air fryer recipes from Air Fryer Eats and Vegetarian Mama, but it's also expanded into being an online group for air fryer owners who want to share their homecooked meals (preferably with photo and the air fryer setting), tips and tricks, and concerns when it comes to using the air fryer. 

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5 Air Fryer Recipes and Tips. All Brands Welcome!

If you want to get a sense of the different air fryer brands all over the world, this group is for you. Since this has a more diverse set of air fryer owners, you can also expect different recipes that go beyond your comfort zone.



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