These Are The Al Fresco Cafés You Can Only Find In Alabang

Take a trip down south!

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With the recent opening of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3, north folks no longer have the excuse of trying to avoid going to the south because of the distance and the hours it takes to get there. If you're looking for a change of scenery, you should check out these cafés in Alabang that have an al fresco dining area:

Bean & Yolk

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Bean and Yolk, which used to be located in the busy area of Poblacion, has transferred to a much quieter place at Westgate Center, Alabang. This hidden gem is the ideal brunch spot where you can catch up with your friends over a cup of coffee and hearty and healthy meals.

Photo by Facebook/Bean & Yolk
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They have different sandwiches and toasts, waffles and pancakes, meaty rice bowls, and desserts. It's a plus that they have vegan options, too, like Mushroom Sisig Pasta, Jackfruit Adobo Pasta, and Garlic Mushroom Pizza.

Bean & Yolk is located at Westgate Hub, Alabang. Follow Bean & Yolk on Facebook for more information.

Da Gianni

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Da Gianni's other branch is located all the way in Cebu City so this is the only branch you can find in Luzon. This Italian restaurant sure knows how to make mouthwatering dishes like the Burrata Truffle Ravioli, Porcini Risotto, Italian Crusted Fish Fillet, and the Bistecca Alla Grigua.

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Don't miss out on their coffee (that's served with biscotti we wish they sold in packs) and their coffee dessert, too: Tiramisu Veneziano, which we previously featured. This is made with layers of Savoiardi with mascarpone cream, coffee, and dusted with cocoa powder.

Da Gianni is located at Westgate Hub, Westgate Center, Alabang. Follow Da Gianni on Facebook for more information.

Exchange Alley Coffee House

Photo by Facebook/Exchange Alley Coffee House

Exchange Alley Coffee House-EACH, for short-is popular amongst locals in the area as a third wave coffee shop where you can catch up with friends or work away from home or the office, all while enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee. They have classics on their coffee menu, plus specialty coffees like their EACH Mocha. You can even try their coffee desserts like their Affogato and Faux-Gato.

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You can pair this with their famous Three-Cheese Toastie that's served with tomato dip and crisps on the side. But if you want something heavier because #RiceIsLife, EACH also offers rice dishes like the Salmon Rice Curry and Chicken Rice Masala.

EACH's al fresco dining areas are limited to only few tables, but what's good about their location is that Molito Lifestyle Center also has tables set up in a large open area. You can order and bring your food there, just don't forget to clean as you go.

Exchange Alley Coffee House is located at Unit 3, Molito Lifestyle Building 7, Madrigal, corner Commerce Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Follow Exchange Alley Coffee House on Facebook for more information.

Group & Boiler Coffee Co.

Photo by Instagram/groupandboiler

Group & Boiler Coffee Co. is one of the newer cafés in Molito Lifestyle Center that opened in 2019. If you find yourself craving coffee or a cocktail, it is highly recommended that you try their Butterscotch Latté and Dirty Spiced Latté. For the latter, you can opt to have it caffeine-free, which is what they call the Spiced Latté. As far as cocktails go, their vodka-based Insomniac and Unit 19A cocktails are a must-try!

Photo by Instagram/groupandboiler

For those looking to pair their drinks with a meal, Group & Boiler Coffee Co. has a delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Chicken Alfredo.

Because Group & Boiler Coffee Co. is also located at Molito Lifestyle Center, you can also opt to dine at one of their public tables if the café is at full capacity.

Group & Boiler Coffee Co. is located at Molito Complex, Madrigal Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Follow Group & Boiler Coffee Co. on Facebook for more information.

Southbank Café + Lounge

Photo by Facebook/Southbank Café + Lounge

If you plan on spending the afternoon until dinner in Alabang, Southbank Café + Lounge serves coffee and cocktails! Their cocktail menu includes classics like the Moscow Mule, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour.

Photo by Facebook/Southbank Café + Lounge

But they also have unique drinks such as their Southbank Cocktails. There's the Gingerbread Man, a drink made with bourbon, orange liqueur, almond, spices, vanilla, and lime, and the and Liquid Sunshine that's made with mixing tequila, rosemary, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, and ginger ale. For those avoiding alcohol, they also have juice and tea on the menu, too.

Photo by Facebook/Southbank Café + Lounge

You can pair your choice of drink with any of their all-day breakfast meals, like the Chimichanga, Shakshuka, Steak and Eggs, Southbank Pancakes, Four Cheese Gnocchi, Truffled Ribeye Tips, and Furikake Chicken. You can check the complete menu on their website.

Southbank Café + Lounge is located at Central Plaza, Westgate Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Follow Southbank Café + Lounge on Facebook for more information.


Take it from a local from Alabang: If the weather doesn't bother you, you can easily walk from one of these cafés to the other. Bean & Yolk, Da Gianni, and Southbank Café + Lounge are all located in Westgate Center, and a 10-20 minute leisurely walk will bring you to Molito Lifestyle Center where you'll find Exchange Alley and Group & Broiler.


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