We Found Grocery Heaven at All Day Supermarket in Libis, Quezon City

All Day Supermarket is a one-stop shop for all your home and grocery errands.

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Every home cook has a favorite place to shop for groceries: whether it’s the fully-stocked supermarket in your friendly neighborhood or the local market with the freshest produce in the mornings, every place has its perks. Proximity, an extensive selection of goods, and great services are what our favorite groceries are all about—and in the hustle and bustle of a busy Metro Manila, we found supermarket heaven!


If you are grocery geeks like we are, you would get a kick out of the new All Day Supermarket located in Libis, Quezon City. This branch is only months-old compared to its older locations Laguna, Las Pinas, and Taguig, but it boasts a complete and unique selection of goods on every aisle.


A savory bread collection from Bake My Day. 


On your way in or out, you can pick up pastries and bread for home at Bake My Day, a bakery concept located on the lower ground floor of the supermarket. Pastries, both sweet and savory, are prepared daily.


All Day Supermarket's produce section. 


A gorgeous produce section greets you once you walk into the grocery, and a well-curated deli and wine section means that you won’t have to make a second stop at a deli to pick up the specific cuts of meat and cheeses that you want.


All Day Supermarket's wine and deli section. 


All Day Supermarket goes the extra mile to make shopping easy, fuss-free, and convenient for everyone: Gastroville is a small food concept that serves everything from Pinoy-style barbecue or ramen for those who want to grab a quick snack before or after grocery shopping; a coffee and ice cream stand sits in the middle of the grocery for those who need a caffeine or sugar fix to work after doing errands; shopping carts are child-friendly (who wouldn’t want to sit in a toy car attached to a shopping cart?); the guards and personnel are knowledgeable and friendly.


Gastroville serves freshly cooked meals for dine-in guests. 


The butchers behind the meat and seafood counters are accommodating and quick. You may pick from a wide selection of both local and imported meats to take home with you, or take them straight to the crowning glory of this supermarket: the paluto section.


All Day Supermarket holds both local and imported meat choices. 



All Day Supermarket’s paluto concept is one the stems from a common Pinoy practice at local seafood markets: you get to shop for your seafood and have it cooked right away to enjoy ultra-fresh, good-quality food in an instant.


All Day Supermarket's paluto section. 


All Day Supermarket's paluto section. 


The first step is to pay for your chosen cuts of meat or seafood before taking it to the paluto section. There is an extensive list of dishes you may choose from: sinigang, adobo, grilled steak, liempo, garlic-butter shrimp—you name it! Choose your dish and have it cooked on the spot. In the meantime, you can do the rest of your groceries.


Freshly grilled steak at the paluto section. 


We cook while you shop!” says Tetch Ferrer of All Day’s marketing department. “We also get a lot of big families that come here on the weekends. We have dishes like pancit and a whole range of Pinoy favorites that both kids and adults love.”


Freshly grilled liempo from the paluto section. 


While the food can be eaten hot and fresh at the dining area of the grocery, you may also opt to take the food out to bring home—a time-saving service that could make your weekday dinners and special weekends much easier. The rates range between P18 to P21 pesos per 100kg of meat or seafood. For those who love making grocery shopping a family affair, there couldn't be a better place. 


All Day Supermarket has locations in Libis, Laguna, Las Pinas, Taguig, and more. Click here to view the full list of locations. 


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