All The Game Of Thrones-Inspired Food To Try!

Dinner is coming.

Watch the long-awaited final season of medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones - marking the end of an era - with the best food items to make you feel like you're also in Westeros. From drinks to Khaleesi-inspired snacks, there's a lot to keep you full and comfortable on your viewing party throne.

Photo from the official website of Johnnie Walker

1 White Walker by Johnnie Walker


Winter is finally here. With the white walkers officially entering the realm, you just know things are about to go down, and you may not want to experience that completely sober. Thankfully, Johnnie Walker has created this innovative scotch whiskey to help you down the impending dread with alcohol.

Created by whiskey specialist George Harper, this scotch whiskey inspired by the most feared undead creatures in the cult series has notes of caramelized sugar and vanilla, with a touch of orchard fruit, and single malt. To make things even better, the White Walker bottle is designed with temperature-sensitive ink technology that reveals the phrase, "Winter is here" when you keep it frozen.

Enjoy it best by serving it chilled directly from the freezer!

Get the White Walker by Johnnie Walker Limited Edition for P1,614 at

Photo by Westeroast Cafe official Facebook

2 Have A Meal At Westeroast


An epic event calls for an epic feast. Celebrate the new season by visiting Westeroast Café!

This witty Games of Thrones-themed café in Caloocan couldn't be a more perfect place to reinstate your feels just in time for the grand finale. From clever interiors to comforting meals inspired by your favorite GoT characters - we're especially enamored of the Theon Greyjoy Sausage Meal - you've got everything in this place to make you feel like you've been transported to the timeline of the Seven Kingdoms.

Oh, and the best part? You don't have to worry about your meal time going wrong ala Red Wedding style, oops.


Westeroast Cafe is located at 27a Biglang Awa St. East Grace Park, Caloocan City.

Photo by Deliveroo official website

3 Dragon Easter Eggs


You may not have the luxury of having a Viseryion, Drogon, and Rhaegal at your beck and call (because let's face it, there can only be one Mother of Dragons) but you can now get yourself giant dragon's eggs this Easter and briefly feel like Daenerys on her wedding day.


Made from fair trade white chocolate, these 8-inch easter eggs created by Deliveroo are painted exactly to resemble the Khaleesi's dragon's eggs-scaled and available in colors of emerald green, copper, and muted brown.

Photo by Deliveroo

The only catch: these Easter eggs will only be available starting from April 14 (the same day when the new season starts!) in London, Manchester, and Leeds. But man, what we wouldn't give to get our hands on these. Why munch on popcorn and pizza for your well-deserved GoT binge-fest when you can just eat dragon's eggs, right?

The Game of Thrones Dragon Easter Eggs will be exclusively available on Deliveroo from April 14-21, 2019.


4 Brewery Ommegang's 'For The Throne' Beer

The final battle for the iron throne is here and we know it's going to be cold, brutal, and epic. And just like they've done in the previous seasons, Brewery Ommegang is back with another GoT-themed beer to help us cope with the impending emotional turmoil the season finale is bound to induce.

Named "For The Throne", this new blend is co-fermented with Pinot Grigio and viognier grape juices and bottle conditioned with champagne yeast. Brewery Ommegang writes that the beer is "a tribute to those who aspire to be the final occupant of the Iron Throne" and an "ale truly fit for royalty."

Well, who can resist some well-crafted beer? As the great Tyrion Lannister once said,


For The Throne Beer will be available on Brewery Ommegang starting April 2019. Click this link to learn more.


5 Game of Thrones Oreo

Winter is coming, and so are Oreos.

Yes, you read that right. Game of Thrones-themed Oreos are available just in time for the final season.

Oreo Cookies released a teaser about the GoT-themed cookies with the caption, "Cookies are coming" last February 27 to which the official Game of Thrones Twitter replied, "House Oreo."


Better get your cookie-dunking glasses ready and your milk of poppy warm as early as now.

Photo by Diageo

6 Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Collection

What do we say to booze? Definitely today.

In celebration of GoT's eight and final season, HBO partnered up with beverage company Diageo to create an eight-piece single malt scotch whiskey collection.


Each scotch whiskey represents the noble Houses of Westeros and beyond, including the courageous Night's Watch. Whether you admire the fire and blood of the Targaryens, or you're willing to fight 'til death for power like the Lannisters, or you prefer the resilience and loyalty of the Starks, Diageo has a blend that's just right for you.

As the great Cersei Lannister suggests,


Be sure to stock up on your booze before April 14. Order the Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whiskey for as low as P6,799 at


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