Andok's Also Makes a Fried-Chicken Sandwich That's Really, Really Good

It's time this underrated menu item got its share of the spotlight.

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By now, you've likely tried the trending Litson Baka from Andok's, as well as their flagship product-the Litson Manok, which is one of our favorite takes on roast chicken in Manila. The Filipino-style roast stall has got even more up their sleeves though: they make an underrated fried-chicken sandwich that we think deserves its share of the spotlight. Check out Andok's Dokito Burger, which is available from their dine-in spin-off, Andok's Dine-In (and for delivery via GrabFood)!

Here's why Andok's Dokito Burger deserves more love:

Now, we've had our fair share of more elaborate and loaded fried-chicken sandwiches in Manila. The Dokito Burger isn't like that-rather, it's of the more straightforward, less-is-more variety (similar to that of other fast-food joints) with a bun, fried-chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, and what seems to be a honey-mustard sauce of sorts. It's also only P65 (or P77 on GrabFood). But don't mistake its lack of frills for mediocrity, as it pretty much exemplifies the idea of "simple, done well."

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The Dokito part of the name refers to Andok's line of fried chicken called the Dokito Frito. In the Dokito Burger, they take that same chicken-frying art and apply it to medium-sized boneless chicken patties that are crisp on the outside (it's ever-so-slightly softened, which is to be expected given the delivery travel time, but still on the crunchy side) and tender on the inside (we suspect they use chicken thighs here). The chicken is a tad salty when tasted on its own, but perfect when you take a bite of the burger as a whole, as the meat is balanced out by the rest of the components: soft and slightly-sweet burger buns, tangy and sweet honey-mustard sauce, and juicy tomatoes.


We do wish there were more lettuce for crispness-you get a small strip, and it gets soggy real fast-but at this price point, we're not complaining. Overall, you get a wonderfully balanced bite, where the other parts bring out the best of the fried chicken while still letting its telltale savory profile shine.

Aside from the regular version, Andok's also makes the Spicy Dokito Burger (P65), which has a spicy chicken patty, lettuce, and a sauce that we would liken to slightly sweet mayo. It's not overbearingly spicy (which might disappoint serious chiliheads but is perfect for casual spicy fans); the heat kicks in gradually, evened out by the sweet mayo. We think we know where we're heading the next time the chicken-sandwich hankering hits.

Andok's Dine-In has branches at 4408 Old Santa Mesa Street, Sampaloc, Manila and L/2 Circuit Mall, Circuit Makati, A.P. Reyes Avenue and Hippodromo Street, Makati City. Call Andok's head office at 8372-4033 for a list of Andok's Dine-In branches. For delivery orders, find Andok's Dine-In on GrabFood (prices may vary). You can also check out Andok's Facebook page.


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