Buying Cooking Oil, Condiments, And Canned Meat? DTI Adds Limits To More Items

DTI issued supplemental guidelines on items to prevent hoarding and panic buying.

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On the first week of the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released Memorandum Circular No. 20-07 dated March 17, which outlines limitations on how many basic goods each person can buy. This included limits on buying instant noodles, sardines, canned milk, and bread.

On March 31, the government unit released Memorandum Circular No. 20-10, a supplemental memo to limit the sale and purchase of more essential goods:


Canned pork or canned beef: ten (10) cans

Cooking oil: four (4) bottles or packs

Locally produced condiments such as soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce: two (2) bottles or packs of each type

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Dried fish: six (6) packs

Those who are caught violating the provisions of the circular, such as hoarding, can be charged with violations under the laws of Illegal Act of Price Manipulation. The penalty for such ranges from P5,000 to P2,000,000 and imprisonment of not less than five years, but not more than 15 years.

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