From Tagaytay To Manila: Antonio's Might Soon Open A Branch In Metro Manila

The tita favorite from Tagaytay needs no introduction.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Antonio's

When the need to treat yourself to a real special meal hits (especially come long weekend or holiday!), Antonio's is pretty much the place to be. The establishment in Tagaytay has been a go-to for stellar fine-dining fare in an idyllic, secluded setting, and apart from having its share of regulars, it's even been included in coveted best-resto lists by international bodies.


Though going out for a drive to the restaurant is always a great idea, imagine being able to get the Antonio's experience sans the long travel time (not counting traffic-related delays, but that's another story), e.g., right here in the Metro. That might just be a reality very soon, as news has come out hinting at Antonio's opening their own Metro Manila outpost.

Antonio's in Tagaytay pretty much ticks all the boxes of a great treat-yo'-self worthy spot, and they could be opening in Manila soon!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Antonio's
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Here's what we know so far about the upcoming Manila outpost of Tagaytay fine-dining icon Antonio's:

David Ong (from The Curator, EDSA Beverage Design Studio, and OTO) shared the good news in an Instagram post published on August 5, and states that Antonio's Manila opening is in partnership with car dealer PGACars.

"Yes, [it's] the same Antonio's as in Tagaytay but [with] a different concept: bar, bistro, and fine dining," writes Ong, who shares in an exchange with that he was tapped to for a number of arenas, among them the bar layout, inventory, hiring, training, coming up with the drinks menu, and watching over operations.

The Manila branch will also be located near EDSA, "literally just two doors down from EDSA Beverage Design Studio [EDSA BDG]."

antonio's in manila
PHOTO BY Screenshot/@davidong on Instagram

Though Antonio's has yet to announce the opening date, we're keeping our fingers crossed it happens within the year! For now, we'll be dreaming of the next date we can venture out to the Tagaytay outpost to get our fill of their winning Gruyere & Portobello Souffle, Duck Leg Confit, and other signatures. Definitely keep your eyes on their Facebook page for the time being.

For more information, check out Antonio's Facebook page.

Main image from Antonio's Facebook page; used for illustrative purposes only.

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