Did You Know Arce Dairy Offers Two Versions Of Avocado Ice Cream?

Know the difference between the two.

Arce Dairy is known as the old-school local creamery behind the famous Mantecado flavor: a buttery-meets-vanilla flavor made with carabao milk that's closer to a French Vanilla flavor than the American version. Another favorite flavor in their selection is the avocado.

Arce Dairy has two kinds of avocado-flavored ice cream!
Photo by Arce Dairy official Facebook

Did you know they offer two versions of avocado ice cream? Arce Dairy offers the Avocado Classic and Avocado Sorbete De Caro. You probably haven't noticed this because of the identical packaging the two versions have-that or you grabbed at the first Arce Dairy avocado-flavored ice cream you could find and made a beeline for the check-out counter.

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There are only a few aspects that set the two versions apart.
Photo by Arce Dairy

So what's the difference? Well, the Avocado Classic is the classic version. It is made with carabao's milk, like Arce Dairy's other flavors. The Avocado De Caro, on the other hand, uses coconut milk or gata, which attributes to a creamier and nutty flavor. In terms of which one is the superior avocado-flavored ice cream, it still depends on your preference. Try them both and see which one you like!

Arce Dairy's Sorbete De Caro line is also available in Manga (mango) and Quezo Real (cheddar cheese). The Mango flavor has a carabao milk-based version, while the Quezo Real flavor is exclusively available in the Sorbete De Caro line.

For more information, visit Arce Dairy's official website and official Facebook.

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