Around The World in 5 Plates

Stuck at home while everyone else is on vacation? Taste-travel to your dream destination with these dishes!


Your best friend is in Japan and your sister is off to Hong Kong. You’ve been daydreaming about buying that ticket to Europe but can’t go on vacation leave just yet. What to do? Do the next best thing and whip up tasty plates, ones that take you to far-away destinations even if you’re just in your own kitchen:  

Destination: Turkey

Dish: Baklava

Layers of phyllo pastry, honey, and nuts and a sweet, nutty flavor. What’s not to love?

Hong Kong

Dish: Chicken and Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup

Craving for something that reminds you of Hong Kong? This noodle soup hits the spot.



South Korea

Dish: Bibimbap

 Get fresh vibrant veggies in one bowl!





Dish: Tempura Udon

Comfort yourself with wheat noodles and crunchy prawn tempura in a mild shoyu broth.



Dish: Hainanese Chicken and Rice

You don’t have to go far for Hainanese Chicken: you can do this dish at home!

Main image by Sabrina Lajara

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